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Roborock, a leading developer of premium robotic vacuum cleaners, managed to enter the Nordic markets successfully and profitably. However, the company rode a wave of increasing demand that, in recent years, swept across the entire smart home appliance industry. And while market momentum only grows stronger, it’s also rapidly becoming more crowded. At some point, consumers will start finding it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Roborock’s technology is among the best. But to earn the attention of the Nordic consumers and win their hearts in the long run, the company had to go beyond much of the industry’s common product-pushing communication. By establishing a relatable brand capable of evoking emotions, Roborock had a chance at standing out in a sea of robotic vacuum cleaner providers

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Step by step, we developed Roborock's marketing strategy including a locally adapted campaign concept.

What we did

A revamped marketing strategy fueled by equal parts data and creativity

In close collaboration with the Roborock team we started from scratch, assessing the company's marketing efforts from a performance perspective. A metrics and tracking system was set up across all channels to collect data that would fuel every step going forward; from building a product feature hierarchy to selecting messages that resonate more with the audience.

Step by step, we developed Roborock’s marketing strategy, a local adaption of their brand with a creative twist, while simultaneously launching their two main products: the robotic vacuum cleaner S7+ and the cordless vacuum cleaner H7.

What we achieved

A solid performance structure for growing the brand and a 350% increase

Our output spanned from handling PR and events to creating websites, social media initiatives and large out-of-home campaigns. Ultimately, Roborock’s carefully crafted advertisements would pop up on screens and billboards across the Nordics, as well as in France and Germany.

The short term results were a 250% increase in site traffic, as well as a 350% increase in clickthrough rate to selected retailers. However, with the extensive marketing strategy now in place, we are confident this is only the beginning.

Increase in site traffic


Increase CTR to retailers


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