NIBE Heatpumps

Launching the NIBE S-Series on multiple markets

Marketing strategy
Concept & content
Channel & activity planning
Tracking setup
Customer journey optimization
Dashboard reporting

The NIBE S-Series are NIBE's smartest, most advanced heat pumps yet, making them a natural part of any connected home.  To launch the new series, we were tasked to create an activation campaign spanning everything from concept films and social media activation to programmatic advertising.

But how do you reach multiple target groups on multiple markets with very different knowledge of the product category – and the brand – and still make them interested?

S-Series, a new product hero within NIBE's most important segment


What we did

Combining a strong creative concept with an intricate activation strategy

We started by creating a communicative concept focusing on the main advantage of having a smart heating system: not having to think too much about it. But what good is a creative concept if it’s not targeted towards the right recipient?

Therefore we developed a detailed activation strategy based on the See, Think, Do, Care framework. Every stage of the customer journey was carefully evaluated to know when to say what – and we had a lot to say.

What we achieved

A 50% uplift in leads generated compared to previous campaigns

The strength in our collaboration with NIBE lies in the fact that we continuously work together on improvements, not just focusing on periodic campaigns, but a longterm roadmap achieving digital maturity. 

This means that we could implement a digital marketing eco-system that ensures ability to track, optimize and capitalize on marketing investments.

It also means that we can continuously optimize not only the campaigns, but also their website. As an example the A/B testing of a clearer "contact reseller" CTA on product pages during the campaign resulted in a 350% increase in CTR compared to the previous campaign.

Uplift in leads


Product page CTR



Assets supporting the customer journey

We developed three main tracks that would revolve around topics that are important for potential customers and would catch their attention: sustainability, economy and connectivity.

Focussing on the customer’s benefit at first, instead of pushing technical product details, would allow for the customer to relate to the brand first and subsequently the product.

Once the curiosity was sparked, follow-up content contained more detailed information about the product’s features, quality and design - emphasising the premium build and therefore trust in its reliability.


Continuous testing and optimization throughout the entire launch

Even though our content directions were based on customer research, we continuously optimised the assets towards top performance and ensure that content was shown to the right audience at the right time.

Outside of the campaign, we continuously track user behaviour and deployed hypothesised initiatives through a series of A/B tests in order to improve the customer experience and help guiding them to the sought after information with ease and logic.

Accurate and clean data collection, tracking setup and reporting is key in order to enable reliable marketing and business decision making. We therefore spent a notable effort in building a solid data driven operation.