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TikTok Ad Tips

An introduction

Customers don’t act the way they used to. It’s time to say goodbye to the traditional marketing funnel and welcome the non-linear customer journey. To embrace this new landscape you need to meet the customers where they are, tailor the content to suit each individual channel and adapt it to answer the customers’ queries along their consideration process.

Currently, the place to be is TikTok. A platform with a billion monthly active users. A channel outpacing Instagram both in growth and engagement. And TikTok is the up and comer - and the challenger - offering a cheaper and often more efficient media placement. Yet, it’s still an unexplored territory many are reluctant or unaware of how to approach. In this piece, we’ll introduce some simple pointers so that you can take your business to TikTok in no time. And if you want to achieve your full potential, we’re here for you!

It’s time to say goodbye to the traditional marketing funnel and welcome the non-linear customer journey.

TikTok Ad Tips

Leverage and challenge the norm, by knowing the rules

In general, content on TikTok can be categorized into three groups:

01. Educational: Hacks, fun facts or anything that simplify everyday life or makes you smarter.

02. Entertaining: Humor, trends and creative transitions. Lighthearted and playful content that brings you a chuckle. 

03. Emotional & Storytelling: Honest, personal and authentic content is rewarded. Connect to the viewers by sharing your imperfections and being your true self.


Understanding the algorithm

You should acknowledge and leverage these established content dynamics, while also strategically breaking the norms. For example, by creating content that falls into one of the three groups above, but by doing it with a twist. It can be something that is both entertaining and emotional, or educational and with a great story. Or, to really break through the clutter, you create something that breaks all conventions.

In order to fully grasp what type of content works, you need to understand what triggers the algorithm. TikTok rewards content that is:

  1. Watched in full
  2. Watched several times
  3. Liked, shared and commented on
  4. Triggers subscriptions


And an effective way of achieving this is by differentiating from the vast amount of similar content that exists on the platform. Only dead fish swim with the stream, right?


The mantra

“Don’t make ads, make TikToks”

TikTok’s mantra is "Don’t make ads, make TikToks”. People are on the platform to be entertained, educated and keep up with the latest stories or trends. Hence, we suggest that you should create organic posts and boost them with paid ads for maximum effect. That way you can increase social proof while living up to TikTok’s mantra of not making “ads”. 

You should also distribute the budget with a community-approved dynamic; the posts you see trending and doing well organically should get paid extra attention because they will be considered community-approved.

Insights and the lingo

Piggyback on what is already there

Spark Ads

With Spark Ads, you can amplify TikTok posts by other creators to reach a broader audience, get your message across, and link to your business. 


Are interested in finding out more about products and brands they meet on the platform


Ever stumbled upon great user-generated content (UGC) related to your brand, or trends within your industry? That's what you'll use as Spark Ads.


According to TikTok, Spark Ads have a 30% higher completion rate than standard In-Feed Ads. 


Says they enjoy a 43% higher conversion rate than in-feed ads.


higher engagement rate than standard In-Feed Ads.


A built in CTA and a direct link to website always appears afters 0:03 seconds in your Spark Ad.


Of the users come to consume content by the other 10% uploading it.

5.6 billion, and counting, is how many views the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt got.

TikTok is a great, low-threshold opportunity for you to deeply engage with your audience.

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