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A lot is changing in the world of social media

Since launching in 2016, TikTok has become one of the leading social media platforms, with an algorithm that has changed the way we consume social media. Currently, TikTok has the highest engagement rates per post compared to other social media platforms (17.96% for micro-influencers and 4.96% for mega-influencers, compared to 3.86%/1.21% on Instagram and 1.63%/0.37% on YouTube), providing great growth opportunities for brands, businesses and influencers.

Along with a younger userbase of 1.1 billion people, averaging 1 billion video views per day, the future trajectory looks much brighter compared to older platforms.

But how do you optimise your content for the TikTok audience? That’s where we come in!

About the workshop

Become a TikTok expert

Our TikTok educational workshop helps your brand or business set up a sustainable and profitable presence on TikTok. You will get both inspiration and hands-on tips on how to create virality and growth on TikTok.

The workshop is held by Nadir Benkahla, a multi-disciplinary digital marketing expert who has worked with customer acquisition for some of the world’s largest companies. Nadir educates and helps marketing and management teams with TikTok organic growth strategies and how to set up scalable content frameworks. But that’s not all – Nadir is also one of Sweden’s biggest TikTok influencers and has hands-on expertise in organic growth and the secrets behind creating viral content.

Who is it for?

This educational workshop is perfect for marketers and marketing managers in general and especially helpful for content creators, social media managers and digital marketing specialists.

What is included in our TikTok workshop?

In 1 – 3 hours, with interactive parts, you will learn:

  • How the algorithm works on TikTok
  • Tools and methods for organic growth on TikTok
  • Formula for viral videos
  • How to find and use TikTok trends to grow on the platform
  • Do's and don'ts
  • Analysis, follow-up and optimisation tactics

Attend digitally or in real life. Everyone is welcome!

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