Pointseven Leadership Manifesto

Value-based Leadership

The foundation

Our values

As leaders in Pointseven our way of working and leading is based on the values we share within the team. We believe in self-reflection, taking the time to evaluate, work-life balance and the importance of staying humble. Our values should permeate everything we do, from business decisions to how we treat each other.

We believe that value-based leadership creates a strong foundation and guidance in how to deliver on our mission and how to relate and connect within the team. We know that each and every team member is an equally valuable asset to Pointseven, and as humble leaders we acknowledge everyone’s work and ensure that everyone feels appreciated.

We are not satisfied with status quo and believe that through honest feedback, continuous improvement and sharing of insights and learnings we develop ourselves, our teams, Pointseven and our clients.



Development for both team and individuals

01. We acknowledge the theories behind team development and its different phases.

02. We use team development methods to optimize the specific phase we are in and to progress and grow.

03. Wet let our values and our team rules guide our way.

04. We use feedback as a tool for team and individual development.

05. We execute based on agile methodology in cross-functional teams with execution excellence as our guiding star.

06. We aim to build a culture based on a Growth Mindset which focuses on development, innovation and learning.

07. We use IDI (Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory) as a tool for scientific metrics on team and individual development.

08. We encourage diversity and difference. Our differences are our superpowers.


Growth Mindset

A Growth Mindset means to create an atmosphere where everyone can feel safe, a culture that allows both leaders and employees to make mistakes, raise concerns and acknowledge weaknesses so that we all can learn from it. We keep focus on continuous learning and development, based on curiosity and not being defensive. We share a will to experiment and grow as individuals and as a company, without the fear of potential failures and how they could impact one’s role or wellbeing.

We are open and honest and encourage a free flow of feedback throughout the organization, based on a genuine desire to help each other improve. It’s the responsibility of the leaders to ensure an allowing and safe atmosphere for everyone. To read more about our Growth culture within Pointseven:

Link: Pointseven Growth Culture


The importance of

We know that diversity drives business and innovation. To be able to build a diverse workforce we as leaders must build an inclusive environment and embrace different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and knowledge.

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