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The next era of performance marketing is here. New platforms continue to arise, and who holds the power of influence is constantly changing. What was essential knowledge yesterday, is merely the starting point today.

That’s where Pointseven comes in. Driving marketing performance is about a deeper business understanding and offering design. Using this as our foundation, we create growth and customer demand on all the relevant platforms, elevating your business to the next level.

We don’t believe in working in silos. We join forces with our clients, inject fitting technology and shape embedded teams, to create tailored content that helps your business grow. We specialise in digital, growth marketing: from TikTok to Facebook, from web page optimisation to influencer & KOL marketing. Simply put, if it generates growth and data, we know how to tackle it.

Pointseven is a part of Seventy Agency Group.

We are the Pointseven team

Melissa Avalos

Social Content Producer

We are the Pointseven team

Sara Sjöman


Jane Schelin


Klaus Beiersdorf

Sr. Performance Marketing Specialist & Business lead

Dag Hermansson

Head of Insight & Analytics

Nellie Osvald

Head of Creative

Fanny Gulliksen

Digital strategist & Project Lead

William Hermansson

Digital Strategist

Ellinor Sahlström

Creative Director

Linnea Hedlin

Copywriter & SEO Editor

Andrei Dumitrescu

Sr. Designer

Melissa Avalos

Social Content Producer


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